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General Information for Blue Mesa Shooting Academy

Blue Mesa Shooting Academy is a full spectrum, family oriented, training facility.
We offer a variety of classes designed to meet the needs of virtually everyone.

We specialize in handgun training, however, We also offer courses, from the most basic such as "Home Firearm Safety", to the most advanced and everything in between. Our two most popular classes are the one day CHP (Concealed Handgun Permit) Training) & our Academy Class, both Concealed Carry Classes.
We also offer rifle & shotgun classes!
We are sure to have a program to meet your needs. Please look over the remainder
of our web page(s) and/or give us a call.
Our classes are limited to a maximum
of 10 -12 students so we may give each individual the attention they deserve!
We use Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations and a large screen video monitor
to add visual clarity and interest to all our classroom presentations.
One day Concealed Carry Class Information
This is our most popular course, and we have been offering it for the past 17+ years.
Normally scheduled on the second Saturday of each month, it begins promptly at 8:00 A.M.
and lasts until around 6:00 P.M. Content is a compliation of Larry's Gunsite training, NRA training, & Massad Ayoob training. We break for lunch around noon for an hour, and go to
the range in the afternoon. Range class usually lasts around 2½ hours & since Blue Mesa Shooting has access to a private range, we are the only ones present during class. We then return to the classroom for Massad Ayoob's 2½ hour law class, content which has been approved by a local attorney. I am not aware of any other course on the Western Slope that provides such an extensive law class.
Numerous handouts are provided during all classes for students to keep, so note taking is kept to a minimum.
The final exam completes the course. No need to stress over the exam. It is more of a learning tool than an actual exam. To that end, students may use the handouts provided during the class & discuss the questions with fellow students. Students are given a certificate of completion at the end of the class which they may use as proof of training for a concealed carry permit, if desired.
This class has been extremely well received by all and many of our new students are referrals from previous graduating students.
Home Firearm Safety Class Information

This is the most basic firearm class we offer & is designed primarily for beginning students.
We cover different types of firearms, how they operate & will explain & demonstrate the differences, between various types of actions, both for revolvers & semi-automatics handguns. Rifles & shotguns will also be included. We use actual firearms as well as training guns in this class, however there will be absolutely no live ammunition allowed in the classroom during this or any other firearm class. The class will last approximately three to four hours. Graduating students will receive a certificate of completion.


Academy Class Information
Based on Larry’s Gunsite 250 & 350 Firearms Training, we believe this is the most comprehensive and complete class of it's kind on the Western slope. Consisting of 8 2½ hour evening classroom and three range classes for a total of 30 hours of hands on training, it concludes with an optional night shoot. Topics Covered include Safe gun handling, personal and Home Protection, & a 2½ hour law class based on training by Massad Ayoob with content approved by a local attorney. It also includes a video detailing several shoot, don't shoot scenarios. Classroom Exercises include extensive Hands on dry fire practice so students will be comfortable performing Live Fire shooting exercises on the range. It is normally offered three time per year — January, March, and September, but with a four student minimum, will be offered about any time.
This class meets & exceeds requirements for a Colorado concealed carry permit!
Please call with any questions, concerns or to sign up. Evening & weekend calls are welcome.
(970) 249-2771
Download a pdf. color flyer for this class


Streamlined one day concealed carry class information!
Blue Mesa Shooting Academy is now offering an optional, streamlined version of
our one day concealed carry (CHP) class. This shortened version substitutes
classroom dry fire practice shooting for range work & will shorten the regular
class by several hours, reduce the price of said class from $110.00 to $75.00
and satisfy state requirements requiring students to show “competency” with
a handgun. This dry fire practice will be based on Gunsite Training Academy’s
teaching as Larry is a graduate of both their “250” & more advanced “350” pistol
classes. Again, this class is an option & we will, of course, continue to offer
our regular class, with range live fire for those who desire more advanced
training. Additionally, streamlined students may take the range class at a later
date by simply paying the additional $35.00 difference between these two classes.
Range class must be taken during a regular Concealed carry class!
Please call for further information, clarification, or questions.
Weekend & evening calls are welcome!

(970) 249-2771
Defensive Shotgun Course
(For Home Protection) Information
This is not a class in trap, skeet, or target shooting. As the name suggests, it is is designed for home defense. Numerous tactical aspects will be addressed. One does not need an expensive
high end gun for self defense. Practically any shotgun you have will work just fine if used properly. The focus of this class is to learn to use what you've got. Due to the limited ammunition capacity of many shotguns, another emphasis will be on reloading, both tactical & speed.
This one day class is fun and informative. Both classroom & range work is provided. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.
Evening & weekend calls are welcome!
(970) 249-2771
Advanced Academy Class
Lastly, we offer an advanced version of our regular Academy Class. This class consists of range only, and employs numerous extremely advanced tactical exercises. With rare exceptions, the regular academy class is a pre-requisite. It is normally completed in three classes. Please
feel free to call for further details & information.
Blue Mesa Shooting Academy has made arrangements with the below listed motels to give significant discounts to our out of area students! Simply tell the reservations agent you are a student of Blue Mesa Shooting Academy when making your reservation!
Stay Wise Inns
2100 East Main St.
Montrose, CO 81401
This motel requires a minimum three day advance
reservation in order to receive your discount!


Rodeway Inn
1480 South Townsend Ave.
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 249-6644
E -Mail: rodewayinn6644@yahoo.com



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