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Blue Mesa Shooting Academy

(Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. Do I have to have my own gun before I can sign up for a class?
A. NO!! We have loaner guns available. As a matter of policy, we would prefer that you not rush right out and buy a new gun prior to attending class. If you have a firearm, by all means bring it. We will teach you to use whatever gun you own.

Q. Why would I want a Utah (or other State's) CCW (CHP) permit?
A. Due to reciprocity agreements between states you can often times add significantly to the number of states you can carry concealed by obtaining a permit from different states. Such is the case here. Several states are added by obtaining a Utah permit in addition to your existing Colorado permit. Check handgunlaw on the web for further details & to keep current on CCW status. Additionally, we believe if you are planning to spend a significant amount of time in another state, either traveling through or visiting, it is a good idea to have that state's permit, if possible, even though they have a reciprocity agreement with Colorado. . Check the link above for more specifics.

Q. What is the procedure for obtaining my CHP permit?
A. For Colorado, complete an approved training course, such as ours, fill out the application (provided by the sheriff's office) and take it to the Sheriff's office in the county in which you reside. They will collect the fees (usually $100. cash, check or money order to the Sheriffs Office and $52.50 Money Order only made payable to the CBI.). You will be finger printed and after a background check, you will receive your permit assuming you pass. You must pick it up at the sheriff's office at which time you will have your I.D. photo taken and will be finger printed. Colorado permits are good for 5 years. Renewal is $38.00 ($25.00 cash, check or money order payable to the sheriff's office and $13.00 money order only payable to the CBI) for another five years. You must also take a refresher class to renew. For Florida or Utah, please contact us for specifics.

Q. What certifications do instructors have?
A. All our instructors are NRA Certified in the specific disciplines they teach. In addition all have received significant additional training.

Q. What happens if I must miss a class?
A. We realize that life sometimes gets in the way of our special interests and occasionally one may encounter a conflict & have to miss class. At the same time, our fee schedule is based on a reasonable return for time invested. As a result, we allow one missed classroom session at no charge. After that we will charge a make up fee of $25.00 per student for each missed classroom session & a minimum of $50.00 for a missed range class. Any missed classes must be made up to receive your certificate of completion.

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