Blue Mesa Shooting Academy
Classes Offered

Blue Mesa Shooting Original Courses

1. Academy Class ( 30 hrs)
2. Basic Pistol (One day CHP Class)
  Both of the above classes meet Colorado & Florida (CHP) CCW requirements.
3. Advanced Academy Class
4. Way Advanced Class (taught by an Instructor from the Arizona DPS & former S.W.A.T. Officer
5. Defensive Shotgun Class

NRA Student Classes

1. Home Firearm Safety
2. First Steps Pistol
3. First Steps Rifle
4. First Steps Shotgun.
5. Basic Rifle
6. Basic Shotgun
7. Personal Protection in the Home
8. Personal Protection Outside the Home (Basic)
9. Personal Protection Outside the Home (Advanced)
10. Range Safety Officer
11. Refuse to be a Victim (Non firearm Class)