Gunsite Firearm Safety Rules:
1. All guns are always loaded
2. Never Let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target
4. Always be certain of your target
 Blue Mesa Shooting Contact Information:
  Larry McWhirter
  123 Akard Ave.
  Montrose, CO 81401

  (970) 249 - 2771

Gift Certificates Are Available for
all classes!
We offer Evening classes for disciplines
that do not require range time & for classroom portions of all other classes


Contact Information for Blue Mesa Photography is identical to shooting information!

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Details on all our Firearm class offerings are available on our main Page! Click logo Above to Review!
gift certificates Are available for all classes!
Thank you for choosing Blue Mesa Shooting Academy!
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Concealed Carry, Personal & Home Defense Training, has been our specialties
for the past 20+ years & will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. We also
offer a multitude of additional classes including basic, & custom classes tailored
to a specific individuals needs, wants & desires. Please give us a call. I am certain
we can meet all your firearm training needs.
Gift Certificates are available Classes!

We offer private classes, normally at no additional charge!

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General class Information is listed below. — For specific class
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Next Regular-ally Scheduled One Day Concealed Carry
Class is Sat. Jan. 25, Weather permitting.
This class can be offered about any time, again,
weather permitting. If in-climate weather prohibits
this class, I will substitute the blended Class.

With a couple days lead time, any of the below
classes will be offered about any time.

Link to blue Mesa Shooting Academy Class Photos:
Regular & Streamlined Concealed Carry Classes begin @ 8:00 A.M.
(Unless noted otherwise) Firearm Safety Classes begin at 9:00 A.M.
(Unless noted otherwise)
Scheduled Classes Through Feb. 29

Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Tue. Jan. 28
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Fri. Jan. 31


Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Sat. Feb. 1
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Sun. Feb. 2
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Tue. Feb. 4
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Tue. Feb. 6
Regular Concealed Carry Class Class Fri. Feb 7

Regular Concealed Carry Class Sat. Feb. 8
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Sun Feb. 9
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Wed. Feb. 12
Regular Concealed Carry Class Sat. Feb 15
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Wed. Feb. 19
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Thu. Feb. 20
Regular Concealed Carry Class Sat. Feb. 22
Streamlined Concealed Carry Class Sun. Feb. 23
Regular Concealed Carry Class Wed. Feb. 26
Regular Concealed Carry Class Sat. Feb. 29

I am almost always available to schedule classes with limited
advance notice. Please feel free to give me a call should you
need or desire a particular class on short notice. In rare
instances, when neither myself or my wife are in the office,
please leave a voice mail. I will return your call as soon as
I return!
Thank you for your interest.

Blue Mesa Shooting Academy Class Photos

About Blue Mesa Shooting Academy
Blue Mesa Shooting Academy offers what we believe is the most
complete & comprehensive schedule of adult firearm training classes
in this area. Larry McWhirter, owner and head instructor, has graduated
from 36 Gunsite Training Academy’s basic 250 and their more advanced
350 handgun classes.

Larry has taught professionally for over
44 consecutive years!

Our specialty is concealed carry, handgun, Personal
& Home defense training,
however, we also offer the most basic firearm training classes available including,
rifle & shotgun classes. Last, but certainly not least, we offer“Defensive Shotgun
Training.” Our 30 hour “Academy” handgun class is unsurpassed. Based on Gunsite’s
basic & more advanced training, we believe it is the most complete, thorough,
and comprehensive class of its’ kind in Western Colorado.

For those desiring even additional training, we offer an “Advanced Academy Class.”
Blue Mesa has access to a private range, so we are the only ones present during classes..

(970) 249-2771 E-Mail: or
Streamlined one day concealed carry class information!
Blue Mesa Shooting Academy is now offering an optional, streamlined version of our one day concealed carry (CHP) class.
This shortened version will substitute classroom dry fire practice shooting for range work & will shorten the regular class by
a few hours, reduce the price of said class from $110.00 to $65.00 & satisfy state requirements requiring students to show “competency”
with a handgun. This dry fire practice will be based on Gun site Training Academy’s teaching since Larry is a graduate of both their
“250” & more advanced “350” pistol classes. As stated, this class is an option & we will, of course, continue to offer our regular class,
with range live fire shooting, for those desiring more advanced training.  Additionally, streamlined students
may take the range class at a later date. Please call for further information, clarifications, or questions
(970) 249-2771
Compare our Concealed Carry Classes:
Either our one day, Streamlined, or our full length Academy class to any being offered on the Western Slope,
and we believe you will find ours to be the most thorough & complete available, especially since we include a
full 2½ hour law class with all classes! Normally offered on the second Saturday of each month, with a two
student minimum, these classes will be offered about any time.

Call (970) 249-2771 for further information.
Credit Cards Accepted via Pay Pal!

Gift Certificates are Available for all Firearm Classes
Larry's Shooting Profile
Directions to 123 Akard Ave. (Classroom & Office)





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